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Meet Marsupilami!!!

Marsupilami by AmigurumiBBMarsupilami is a fictional comic book species created by Andre Franquin, first published on 31 January 1952 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou.

You can visit YouTube and look for Marsupilami cartoons and have lots of fun and laugh at his jungle adventures 😀

After that you can take your yarns and hook and make one for yourself and have fun every day watching this silly creature gooofing around your room with his silly face, long bouncing ears and tail.

Marsupilami was done few weeks ago, but was waiting for my friends from the Facebook group to finish trying out the pattern so the final pattern comes out with as little mistakes as possible.

One more look of to Marsupilami and we can get started with the pattern.

Marsupilami by AmigurumiBBMaterials needed

Matching yarn and hook accordingly you will need

crochet hook (I used 2,5 mm and DK-medium weigh cotton yarn)


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