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Thank you , so much, IT is awesome 😍

„Yoda, you seek Yoda!“  *Theme of the Force starts playing*

Sorry, I had to start with a Yoda quote/flourish.  They’re all pretty memorable and well, it’s Yoda.  Needless to say Beau was very excited when I started working on him.  Especially when I told him Yoda would be close to „life“ size.  I finished him much more quickly than expected, and have already had quite a bit of fun with him.  He’s very poseable (his eyelids move to give expression, as does his mouth, and his arms and legs are pretty bendable as well.  It’s funny to think that three years ago I didn’t even care to see Star Wars and now I’m making amigurumis of it (which I also couldn’t have done three years ago).  I think Beau feels a little bad for turning me to the nerd side of the force, but its hard to complain with the results.

I hope you like this pattern as much as both Beau and…

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